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Welcome ¶ 

Welcome to iFixit's High School Resource site! We're glad you're here. Currently, we don't offer any formal programs for secondary students. However, we really want to support the great work that teachers are doing—so we compiled some activities and resources to bring the iFixit spirit into your classroom.

What we do ¶ 

We have a big mission: to teach everyone to repair everything. We are an open-source, community-driven repair resource. We are all about encouraging everyone from students to seniors to become repair champions. We are excited to share our knowledge with the world—starting in your classroom.

What we have to offer ¶ 

We have some great activities that focus on e-waste, sustainability, engineering/design, technical writing, technical identity, and more. There are lots of fun ways to bring technology and repair into your classroom, so take a look around.

We hope you'll share your experiences and any ideas you have with us.

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